Rollix, a department of the Defontaine group, have designed and manufactured special bearings and slewing rings from 100 to 6000 mms diameter, with and without gear, since 1974.

Slew Bearings
for Wind ENERGY
Rollix is a leading supplier of Blade bearings and Yaw bearings for wind energy, from Small Wind Turbines of 20kW to the latest Multi-MW Offshore turbines up to 12MW..

Rollix slewing bearings are designed in close collaboration with wind turbine manufacturers: the company’s specialized team of engineers puts its know-how and calculation methods at your service for the study of your projects and design optimization.


Slew Bearings for Medical Application
The Rollix Medical
slewing rings are characterized by a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation controlled in our anecoïd room. The perfect circle and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements. We propose also innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment.

Slew Bearings for Precision Application
The success of the Rollix
slewing ring is the result of the precision of our finishing by grinding. All our production is perfectly under control and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements, gives batch after batch, the certainty to obtain the right bearing for this very demanding application. We propose also motor torque bearings. Our tailor made design follows perfectly the specific requirements of the customers. The most famous worldwide robots and machine tools manufacturers choose Rollix Slew Bearings all around the world.

Slew Bearings for Public Works
The Rollix
slewing ring, a very robust mechanical part, is particularly adapted to these applications. Our process control gives the customer a very simple solution to set up the pinion and to save production time. The most famous worldwide manufacturers choose Rollix Slew Bearings for our optimized design and the quality of our service.

Slew Bearings for Cranes
Because of the light structure of the crane, the Rollix
slewing ring bearing is an essential and strategic part. Our design matches perfectly the life time required by the customer. The quality and the precision of our manufacturing is the key to ensure good running after many cranes dismantling. In this application the Rollix slewing bearing helps construct buildings everyday all around the world with total security.

Slew Bearings for Bottling Technologies
Large diameters and thin sections are the main characteristics of this application. These particular bearings require strict process control. The Rollix
Slew Bearings are very well-known in the world to accept the highest rotating speed and to control the temperature during working 24 hours a day. Our quality gives a very low level of maintenance. The Rollix slewing rings manufacture millions of bottles all around the world everyday.

Slew Bearings for Water Treatment
Compared with standard
Slew Bearings, the Rollix slewing ring is a good solution to reduce the assembling time, to simplify the structure and to increase the capacity of the whole system. The high capacity of our gear is the result of our process control. Many towns around the world use our product every day to treat water. Our worldwide company structure gives strong support to customers and to end users.

Slew Bearings for Offshore
High speeds, high loads and salty environment require strong and precise components. The Rollix
slewing bearing is the perfect answer to the offshore industry. Our specific design satisfy the main manufacturers of onboard and harbour cranes, winches, davits and rubber tired gantry cranes as well as propellers. We propose innovative solutions of sealing to completely protect the bearings from the environment. Rollix slewing bearing follows the international certification standards.

Slew Bearings for Mining
Stacker reclaimers, tunnel boring machines and excavators are very demanding applications. The high capacity of the Rollix
slewing rings is obtained by the control of the hardening process of the raceways and the gears. Our logistic department supplies our product everywhere in the world even large diameter Slew Bearings.

Slew Bearings for Forest Industry
Forest and de-barker machines require strong components. The most famous worldwide manufacturers choose Rollix for our optimized design and the capacity of our slewing rings to work in a tough environment. Our finishing by grinding brings a valid pre-loading which is very important for the life time of the bearing and the comfort of the forest machine’s drivers. Our
Slew Bearings accept the shocks and the high rotating speed of the de-barkers as well as the temperature of the coldest forests.

Slew Bearings for Handling
The stiffness of the Rollix
slewing ring is a perfect solution for this type of application. Our special design gives very compact bearings, which is essential for this product. Our process control gives the customer a very simple solution to set up the pinion in order to save time during the mounting of the machines.

Slew Bearings for Defence
The Rollix slewing ring has a strong reputation for civilian or military applications. We manufacture steel, aluminium and titanium bearings for the most demanding customers in the world. Our precision is obtained by a specific process of grinding. Our design office proposes specific
Slew Bearings solutions for all types of environments. Capacity, low torque, stiffness and high rotating speed are our main characteristics.

Slew Bearings for Transport
The Rollix slewing ring permits the bogie orientation and the carriage articulation. The stress spectrum applied to these
slewing ring bearing is very specific. Our know-how answers perfectly the protection from contaminants (salt, sand, rain and mud). We can also integrate special braking devices. The Rollix slewing ring bearing transport millions of people all around the world with train, trams and metro. We also supply slewing rings for the rotation of the truck’s wheels.

Slew Bearings for Various Industry
Rollix supplies
slewing rings for a wide range of applications throughout the industry. Our design office will assist you to select the most effective solution price and capacity-wise. Our staff and agents worldwide will process your enquiries and provide full support to meet your customer’s requirements.

Slewing ring bearing for CRANE application

Slewing ring bearing for HANDLING application

Slewing ring bearing for GREEN INDUSTRY application

Slewing ring bearing for MEDICAL application


Slewing ring bearing for MINING application

Slewing ring bearing for OFFSHORE application

Slewing ring bearing for PRECISION application

Slewing ring bearing for PUBLIC WORKS application


Slewing ring bearing for ROBOTICS application

Slewing ring bearing for TRANSPORT application

Slewing ring bearing for SOLAR application

Slewing ring bearing for WIND TURBINE application

Rollix Slewing Bearings
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