The Rollix slewing rings dedicated to Medical applications are designed for a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation controlled in our anecoïd chamber, specifically for Radiotherapy applications.

Rollix has developed a specific testing room to analyse the impact of raceway
and gear data on noise level, we then modify our geometry in accordance with required noise level determined by the customers requirements. 

Rollix also supplies Slewing Ring for pharmaceutical industry for all production steps, mixing, filling, cleaning.

The perfect circularity and the high precision of our bearing are the result of our specific finishing and the matching of the rings and the rolling elements. 

We also propose innovative sealing solutions to avoid any leakage in a clean environment such as “white room” class.


Slewing bearing for Cardio Vascular Machine


Slewing bearing for Diagnostic Table


Slewing Bearing For Medicine Production

Slew Bearing Application Medical
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