Packaging & Bottling industry are synonymous of high productivity link with very high technology process. Rollix has developed in accordance with those high requirements,slewing rings with large diameters (for higher & higher productivity) and thin sections which are the main characteristics of these applications.

These particular slewing bearing
s require strict process control. The Rollix products are very well-known in the world to accept the highest rotating speeds and to control the temperature during working 24 hours a day. Low & constant rotating torque, as well as weight saving by light design are also key factors to ensure our customers the best products.

 Our quality gives a very low level of maintenance.
Especially for PET bottles, Rollix is present at all steps of the production from heating of the preform to labelling of the final products.
The Rollix slewing rings manufacture millions of bottles all around the world everyday.









Slew Bearing Application Packaging
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