CRANES: Because of the light structure of the crane, the Rollix slewing ring is an essential and strategic part.

Our design matches perfectly the life time required by the customer. The quality and the precision of our manufacturing are the key to ensure good running after many dismantling operations of the crane.
Amongst the various type of crane application supplied by Rollix one of the most demanding is Cranes for Bulk/Scrap handling, shocks vibration, severe environment requires the highest quality & reliability from the Slewing ring. Rollix supplies the world leaders.

Truck telescopic crane requiring high stiffness with high capacity is also one of the applications where Rollix products make the difference thanks to unique preloading technology.

Rollix slewing ring participate to the construction of thousands of buildings everyday all around the world with total safety.

Public works does cover a wide range of applications, since its very beginning Rollix has developed specifics slewing rings that suits all the particularities of those applications.

Thanks to latest technology calculation, design is permanently optimized to follow our customers new developments, in order to offer what the market needs.

Rollix supplies slewing rings to the highest Concrete pump of the world requiring high preload and stiffness to ensure the right precision in manoeuvring of the pump.
Concrete mixers requires smooth rotation with low torque to avoid creation of heat and vibration in the system.

Quality, lifetime of Rollix products continue over the years to make the difference, the most famous worldwide manufacturers choose Rollix for our optimised design and the quality of our service & technology.

Slew Bearing Application Construction
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