Each bearing is designated by a drawing reference, example :  06 1116 00.

The drawing defines both principal and functional dimensions : spigots, bolt patterns and dimensions, overall height, reference diameter of the gear.

Fastening : the drawing indicates :

. 40 : number of fastening holes
. "=" symbolizes equispaced holes,
."#" = indicates non equispaced holes,
. 1035 : bolt circle diameter.

The symbol "G" indicates the arrangement of the lubrication holes, the standard tapping is : M 10 x 1,00 except for the light series and the solid section light series : M 8 x 1,00.
The raceway mean diameter of the bearing is given for information only.
The gap diameters cannot be used as spigots, except when their dimensionsare toleranced on the drawing.



Slew Bearing Design Drawings
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