A rating graph illustrating the various load capacities is associated with each bearing reference.

This "capacity curve" shows the same reference number as the bearing. The steel specification which is used is indicated by the code letter.


---------- This dotted line symbolizes the maximum dynamic capacity of the bearing. The functional point revised with the application and utilization factors must never exceed this limit under maximum loading. 

_______   This solid line represents a utilization limit curve for a minimum application factor of 1,25.

---------- This dot-dash line indicates the bolting limit capacity for a supported load using bolts grade 10.9.

 The functional point revised by utilization factors must never exceed this limit in normal operation.

The tide block indicates the main characteristics of the gear :m, z, xm, and the ultimate resistance to fatigue bending stress according to the gear ring material and heat treatment indicated by a material code letter. 

     = module : 10
z      = number of teeth : 125
x.m  = addendum modification (radius) :+ 10.50
Z0    = Z : material
           0 : gear without treatment
Z1    = Z : material
           1 : gear without contour hardening.


Slew Bearing Design Capacity curves
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