The normal working temperature of the slewing rings ranges from -25 up to +70°C. Lower or higher temperatures are possible but require special design provisions by our Engineering Department. 
In case when the working environment is particularly aggressive :
. sea atmosphere,
. dust or abrasive environment (sand, coal...),
particular protection devices must be incorporated such as :
. labyrinths,
. shields,
. oil-bath.
Preventive maintenance operations will be increased to ensure normal operation.  

If the slewing rings are continuously solicited by shocks and/or vibrations, the customer must mention it in the specifications in order to allow us to design the right piece.

The slewing rings can work whether by oscillating motion or continuous motion. It is necessary to check that the circumferential raceway speed remains within the acceptable limits of respective bearing's capacity.



Type lubrication
Limited speed (n.Dm)

Crossed rollers

Standard grease

24 000 to 35 000

Curve 1

Balls type 

Standard grease

40 000 to 65 000

Curve 2

Balls type with cage

Grease or oil 

70 000 to 130 000

Curve 3

Specific desing 

Oil or
special greases

Consult us 

Area 4

In any case, it is essential to consult ourEngineering Department with the precise operating conditions.

Slew Bearing Design Capability
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