The slewing ring transmits loads from a turning part toward the fixed part of a mechanism. The applied stresses of the rolling elements on the raceways are calculated according to the Hertz laws and the modern criteria of plasticity.

ROLLIX carries out localized hardening treatments which makes it possible to satisfy these criteria just as well as subsurface fatigue.

In all cases, induction or flame hardening permits us to achieve the necessary hardness patterns and a sufficient depth simultaneously.

In process systematic inspections during production enable us to warrant the quality and the reliability of the slewing ring treatment, according to ROLLIX specifications.
According to the level of applied stresses and if geometry allows it, the same kind of hardening process may be applied on gear teeth.

Our calculation models allow us to select the kind of treatment required.
Other process of local hardening may also be provided, for example : case hardening, nitriding, etc





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