Rollix Slewing Rings and Special Bearings - WARRANTY - AFTER SALES SERVICE


The "slewing ring" product is a high technology product selected for precise parameters. It was designed and manufactured to the ISO 9000 standard and supplied based on the information given in the questionnaire IT ETR 911.

It will give you trouble free service if the operating conditions are in line with "ROLLIX" recommendations.

You are a designer, an installer or a retailer,it is your responsibility to check that your or your user's need have been correctly identified in our questionnaire IT ETR 911, that the installation requirements and our product maintenance conditions have to be fully respected.

We suggest you study the conditions in this catalogue and our manual and instruction booklet IT ETR 941 so that you are certain of your responsibilities. These documents should be supplied to the user if the situation requires it. In order to help you, we enclose a checklist which although not exhaustive, covers the minimum essential checks

which have to be carried out in all cases.

In addition we suggest you make yourself aware of our guarantee conditions and their limitations.

The slewing ring warranty is valid for :

TWO YEARS   after  delivery, and FIVE YEARS  after delivery with respect to faults arising from  :
- material origin,
   - manufacture
   - assembly in factory


In case of geometrical faults, the warranty time remains fixed at TWO YEARS  after delivery.
In any case, the warranty is limited to the estimated service life of the product, as indicated on our calculation or any other ROLLIX document.


The warranty of the "SLEWING RING" product with respect to the application will not apply in the various following cases :

1- The questionnaire reference IT ETR 911 has not been completed and returned to ROLLIX.

The "SLEWING RING" product is a high technology product destined to satisfy PRECISE NEEDS .

The supply of a suitable product therefore depends on ROLLIX knowing the exact conditions of application and expected utilization by the customer.

A specific questionnaire reference IT ETR 911, constituting specifications are systematically made available to the customer before order placement.

The supply of a product suitable to customer's needs is based on his precise and complete answers to the questionnaire IT ETR 911.
Application conditions which fall outside the stipulations thereon may constitute a case of exclusion of the ROLLIX warranty.

2- Non-compliance with ROLLIX recommendations

Handling, utilization, mounting and  maintenance which do not comply with our recommendations listed on the maintenance manual of the product sold, notably :


. Handling equipment not suitable to the quality and weight of the parts.


. Utilization not complying with the technical specifications and with the conditions of application of the product.


. Incorrect dimensioning of the support structures under minimum stated limits and flatness out of tolerances.

. Incorrect positioning of the filler plug with respect to the axis of moments.


• Screws and nuts not complying to our recommendations as well as to the required pretensioning.

• Utilization of split, fan-shaped, elastic or non-hardened washers whatever the brand or the model.


Non-compliance with recommended types of grease as well as regreasing frequency.


• Non renewal of the external protective substance after six month storage.

• No regreasing of the slewing ring in rotation after eighteen month storage.

3- Modification, dismantling or repair of
the product carried out without ROLLIX previous agreement.

4- Damage resulting from normal wear of
the material

The increase of clearance under load within the scope of the utilization limits constitutes normal wear.

The warranty is not applicable to the wearing parts such as seals.

More generally, the warranty will not be applied in case of malfunctions resulting directly or indirectly from a fault or an act of negligence of the customer.


The warranty for the satisfactory functioning of the "SLEWING RING" product will be granted after :

• notification of malfunction by the customer in the allotted time (see : WARRANTY PERIOD)

• observation of the malfunction by ROLLIX

• examination of the respective product's technical specifications, ROLLIX previous recommendations and other conditions applicable to the warranty.

No return will be accepted without ROLLIX prior agreement, that is to say after receipt of the duly filled in appendix 1 of the procedure PG.CRX.19.00.


In the case of notified malfunction observed, and after carrying out the usual examinations, ROLLIX will proceed to :

• repair of the SLEWING RING with possible replacement of the parts considered damaged,
• or arrange for the free replacement of the SLEWING RING,

• or arrange for the reimbursement of the sale value of the SLEWING RING.

In all cases, ROLLIX reserves the right to select the most suitable solution for the problem observed.

The ROLLIX warranty is strictly limited to repair, replacement or reimbursement of the part considered damaged, and therefore will not be extended to any other consequential damage likely to be linked to the malfunction : machine stoppages, damage of goods other than those of the contract, loss of income... In the case of malfunction of a "SLEWING RING" product which is linked to an act of negligence or a fault of the customer, and notably to the non compliance of the ROLLIX recommendations, the survey costs of the damaged part, including transport and all travelling expenses for technicians to the commission site will be charged to the customer's account.


All data and information contained in the present catalogue have been carefully evaluated and checked. We cannot, however, be liable for any errors or omissions. We reserve the right to make all technical changes and amendments in  tests, formulae and drawings without prior notice. All earlier editions are invalid with effect from the publication of this catalogue.


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